Waxhouse Whisky Co Release 006 53.9% ABV

Waxhouse release 006

Bottle Notes

  • Age: 7 Years
  • Filled: 07.2014
  • Bottled: 04.2022
  • Single Cask, 1 of 225
  • 53.9% vol.
  • 70cl
  • Non-chill filtered
  • Natural colour

A 7-year-old English Whisky, distilled at the St. George’s Distillery in Norfolk. Aged for an initial term (4 years) in American virgin oak, before a secondary maturation period (3 years) in the finest ex Pedro Ximenez cask.

Appearance: Oaky orange hue. A very oily film coats the glass and super quick-forming medium legs. Some teardrops.

Nose: A decent ABV wave hits the senses nicely, letting you know that it’s packing a bit of a punch.
Lots of oak, baking spices, buttered toast, caramel and vanilla. Cherry, blackberry and plum balance against the spicier wood notes nicely.
Some foam bananas and general confectionary sugar. A bit like apple and cinnamon pie sprinkled with brown sugar.
As the glass matures more earthy notes appear.

Palate: Sumptuous buttery mouthfeel and hot cinnamon and aniseed hit first. Closely followed by oodles of strawberry and blackberry jam and non-descript holiday cocktails (I can’t identify the exact flavour but this takes me back to enjoying evenings in Majorca enjoying the corny cabernet and just ‘being’). This is a perfectly timed release for the long summer evenings around the BBQ!
There’s a touch of drying but nothing off-putting at all.
The spiced fruit bomb notes continue to build as you drink, it’s a lovely drop this.
Some liquorice towards the finish.

Finish: The fruit and spice linger for a medium length of time. There’s also an almost mild chilli-like heat tingle too, just to throw in another dimension right at the end.

Overall: It’s a belter of a dram. The fruits are huge in this but with a spicy kick that sets off the senses. I’d say this is a very worthy addition to the Waxhouse’s portfolio. Well played guys!

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