Wemyss Untold Riches 28 Year Old 49.1% ABV

wemyss malts untold riches

This limited edition Bunnahabhain single malt is crafted from casks that have been maturing for over 28 years. Natural colour & NCF.
A combination of 31 casks of unpeated Bunnahabhain, predominantly hogsheads & some sherry butts, ranging from 1987 to 91 vintages. There’s also a spelling error, on the label, of ‘Bunnahabhain’ distillery. Wemyss chosen to take the more sustainable route not to reprint.

Appearance: Bronze/golden. Thick and oily, legs a plenty!

Nose: Immediate dark fruits with some cereal, oakiness and salinity too. Deep and rich, intensely inviting! Old hotel lounge/smoking room, leather chairs and tobacco. There’s also some honeyed cereal, Crunchy Nut Cornflakes spring to mind (not a dominant aroma, but it’s there for me).

There might be some coconut in there too now?

As the glass becomes less full, there’s plenty of oak and shavings on the nose now.

Palate: The mouthfeel on this is incredible, it’s like syrup! Straight away I get oak and the lovely warming burn in the chest (but not too harsh). There’s also those dark fruits and very slight smokiness.
It’s fairly spicy, but that spice is really well balanced with the sweetness and leather flavours too.

On the third sip I start to get the more sugary and buttery notes, as I acclimatise more to the warming spices. It just keeps getting better!

Finish: The finish for me is buttery, lingering black pepper and cinnamon, with chocolate and chilli at the sides of the tongue. It’s just too moreish!

Overall: It’s f*cking sublime! I’ve now purchased the Velvet Fig 25yo, as well as asking for another bottle of this for my birthday. I can’t recommend this whisky enough! Well played Wemyss malts!

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