Whiskey Auction Sites

whiskey auction sites

Whether you’re asking yourself ‘where can I buy whisky at auction?’ ‘where can I buy bourbon at auction?’ or ‘what are the best whisky auction sites?’, look no further. Below are the main whisky and whiskey auction sites to explore and maybe grab a bargain or unicorn whisky.

If you’re after a bargain or a hard-to-find bottle of whiskey, then auction sites might be worth a look. Care should be taken on such sites and knowing a few simple rules will keep you from spending too much:

  1. Set and stick to a budget
  2. Research what prices your target whiskey is sold for on other sites. You’ll be surprised how many people bid way above the price they can get a bottle for elsewhere!
  3. Remember that you have to add postage and the auction fee to the ‘hammer price’. Make sure you are aware of these fees
  4. Don’t bid too early, this might prematurely push the price up
  5. Never bid simply to win the auction for your ego. Use your head and know when to quit.

For a more detailed guide, please read ‘Whiskey auctions explained’.

Below is a list of popular whiskey auction sites for you to try your luck.

  1. Whiskey Auctioneer
  2. Scotch Whisky Auctions
  3. Whisky Hammer
  4. Just Whiskey
  5. Global Whisky Auctions
  6. Whisky Online
  7. Celtic Whisky Auctions
  8. Whisky.Auction
  9. WVA
  10. The Grand Whisky Auction
  11. The Whisky Shop Auctions
  12. WhiskyAuction
  13. Speyside Whisky Auctions
  14. McTear’s
  15. Whisky Galore (‘auction alternative’)
  16. European Whisky Auctions
  17. Whisky Auctions Edinburgh
  18. Bonhams
  19. Whisky Bull Auctions
  20. Lyon & Turnbull
  21. Catawiki
  22. Irish Whiskey Auctions
  23. Whiskey Bidders
  24. Liquid Whisky (‘auction alternative’)
  25. 1818 Auctioneers