White Peak Distillery Wire Works Whisky Small Batch Release 3 46.2% ABV

white peak wire works

The third “Small Batch” release from Derbyshire’s first full-scale artisan distillery, White Peak Distillery, is Wire Works Whisky Small Batch. Small Batch 3 has been bottled at a reduced level of 46.2% ABV, compared to the first two releases of Wire Works Whisky Small Batch single malt English whisky.
Just over 4,300 bottles of this third batch of Wire Works Whisky Small Batch will be released.

Appearance: Sunset gold. A pleasing viscous film forms and clings to the glass. Many thick oozy trails seep from the substantial swirl mark, creating a corrugated effect around the glass.

Nose: The ABV is quite subtle, light even. Confectionary sugars, Christmas spices and roasted nuts hit first on the nose.
Dried fruits and milk chocolate next, many very pleasant aromas swirl around the nose, all nicely balanced. There’s a richness and depth to the notes on the nose too.
Some more fruity notes appear after a time. Slightly tropical, like faint mango and pineapple.

Palate: A viscous mouthfeel, not buttery, but definitely oily in nature. Red apples sprinkled with black pepper, clove, nutmeg and slight aniseed.
The spice elements warm the chest nicely, a good autumnal palate.
Some honey cereal notes and shredded wheat offer a welcomed balance to the spice. An almost non-existent smoke wisps in the background, not sweet like BBQ, but ashy and dry.

Finish: The spices and that ash linger for a medium amount of time, as do the cereal and honey flavours.
Toffee apple and custard appear right at the end, which is a nice finale.

Overall: It’s a nice whisky, very nice in fact. It’s not stunning though and there’s nothing that really sets it apart from the ‘competition’. Sadly, it’s a bit forgettable.

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