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Wire Works Whisky from White Peak Distillery is Derbyshire’s very first single malt.

A lightly-peated single malt whisky from a small batch vatting of American and French oak casks, predominantly STR (re-conditioned casks that have been shaved, toasted and re-charred) with a significant element of ex-bourbon. These casks were chosen to promote the house style of fruit forward new make at the selected ABV.

Whisky Pioneer


This dram is a orange gold in colour, with a medium thick swirl line in my Glencairn glass. An all over film coats my glass, and faint thick legs are visible.


Straight away the nose feels “fresh”. Initially I’m getting a spiciness, with cinnamon, vanilla pods, and light ginger root. Waiting in the background are black currants, along with an almost sweet smoke, raisins, hazelnuts, and molasses.

More time and the nuttiness becomes more pecan, and a heat comes through with it. Apricot and vanilla crown pastries are big now, it’s very much a super spicy/sweet balance.


First off the mouthfeel is decent, a little oily. The palate initially is spicy as the nose suggested, that nuttiness also comes through. It heats up the inside of my cheeks, though sweetness is also easily accessed too. I’m thinking white pepper, cranberries and strawberry laces kids sweets, dried cut grass, caramel. The sweet/spicy nature of this dram reminds me of the orange liquorice sandwiched sweet from a bag of liquorice allsorts.

More time and the earlier flavours on the plate are magnified. That same balance is still here. Icing sugar and cigar leaves, sweet lemon and rye crackers, glacier cherries, and a lovely warmth.


The finish is medium in length, and continues to be warming. The fruits and spices continue on through until the dram fades away.

My thoughts

Wire Works from the White Peak distillery in Derbyshire England, is a whisky that arrived with lots of buzz about it. That buzz on social media has been very positive, and the first releases were received very well by whisky enthusiasts who had been waiting for it’s release. I myself have been keeping an eye on that buzz, and found myself wanting to try this whisky.

This sample is whisky Pioneer’s subscription service September 2022 release, and also their 1st birthday, a happy birthday indeed! So what did i think of the Wire Works release #3?

I really enjoyed this whisky, and as usual i hadn’t checked it’s cask type before tasting it. I loved the fruitiness, which developed into spices, and then developed again into a sweet/spicy combo, i have to agree with the positive buzz around this whisky, At £60 it offers plenty of flavours in my opinion, and it’s a bottle of whisky i would enjoy, and would happily have in my whisky cupboard.

Whisky Pioneer monthly sample subscription service can be found here, and the bottle image credit goes to The Little Whisky Shop.

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