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This lightly peated whisky is made from malted barley infused with smoke during the drying process. It’s a reflection of history – the original 19th Century distillery was largely fired by peat. Gentle distillation is followed by maturation in our purpose-built warehouses. The result is a beautifully smooth and rounded whisky.

Wolfburn Distillery


It’s very light gold in colour, white wine comes to mind. The swirl line is syrupy thick, and the legs are nice and thick too.


Initially i get green apple skins, slight pineapple aroma, and peat with bacon comes through, not overly strong but definitely detectable. With more time i’m getting apricot pastries, vanilla, and Rich tea biscuits. It’s a little spicy on the nose too, cinnamon, with milk chocolate also.


Straight off it has a lovely mouthfeel, nice and oily. The peat is evident, with cooked bacon, and is nicely balanced with pineapple, apricot and nectarine sweet fruitiness. There’s also a touch of maritime salinity here too, it takes a while to come through, and only arrives if you leave your palate to dry out.

With more time I get hazelnuts, milky coffee, digestive biscuits, and it brings a lovely warming spiciness, without it becoming a spice bomb. That maritime salinity note, becomes quite prominent on the lips once drying, I’m really enjoying it.


A touch of lemonade gives way to what I would consider sherry cask dark fruit flavours. Figs, cloves, chocolate coated raisins, then cocoa, char, light tannins, and espresso coffee with maple syrup or hickory 🥰

My thoughts

Well in all honesty this is the first Wolfburn whisky iv’e had the pleasure of tasting, though iv’e wanted to for some time now. Coming to this dram, @46% ABV, i really didn’t know what to expect, especially as i make a point of not reading anything about drams before i taste them, this was a rather nice surprise.

The peat/fruit balance is perfect, it’s a great dram in mu humble opinion all the way through, but the finish is lovely. The added salinity seals it for me, i don’t get salinity too often, but i really enjoy it when i do, and i found it here.

This isn’t a peat/fruit/spice bomb, it’s a lovely fusion of all three, a newcomer to whisky would most likely enjoy it, and there’s enough in it for a more seasoned whisky drinker too enjoy too. I certainly enjoyed it as my first Wolfburn whisky, and i’d happily have a bottle in my whisky cupboard.

Notes – This whisky is natural in colour and non chill filtered.

Thanks to – Dave for the sample swap.

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