Woodford Reserve Kentucky Bourbon 43.2% ABV

woodford reserve

Moving up a notch with the ABV with the high rye WR. It’s also unusual for being triple distilled and having the lowest proof upon entering the barrel, where it matures for at least six years.

Appearance: WR appearance: Dark – mahogany. Lovely looking whiskey. Good thick coating on the glass and medium-thick legs.

Nose: Might be a mind trick, but the slight increase in ABV is evident on the nose. More spice from that rye and a lovely sweet/oak balance too. Love it.
Although only a few pounds more, this one definitely has a lot more going on and in a more intense way. It’s a step up for me (on the nose at least).

Palate: Nice and spicy, but with a sugary coating, like a chilli dipped in icing. Lots of herbs, grassy and earthy. Black pepper and chilli. Cinnamon and some dark bitter chocolate too.

Finish: The spice flows through to the finish, accompanied by a slight sweetness and dryness too. Grapefruity now.

Overall: Overall WR is a great bourbon at an equally great price. Spicy goodness!

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