Writers Tears Double Oak 46% ABV


Writers’ Tears Double Oak, is a blend of the two premium whiskey styles aged in two types of wood – American and French Oak. It is triple-distilled, non-chill filtered and bottled at 46% ABV. The new expression is made possible by a close collaboration between the Walsh family in Ireland’s County Carlow and the Legaret family in Cognac, France.
Through its partnership with the Legaret family, Walsh Whiskey recently introduced French oak to followers of the Writers’ Tears portfolio with the limited release of Writers’ Tears Cognac Cask. Encouraged by it’s success, Bernard Walsh decided to make French oak a permanent feature in the Writers’ Tears portfolio through the introduction of Writers’ Tears Double Oak.

Double Oak is the third core expression in the Writers’ Tears range which includes the Copper Pot and Cask Strength versions. It is the 14th expression in the wider Walsh Whiskey portfolio, including the extended Writers’ Tears and The Irishman ranges.”

– Walsh Whiskey

The Double Oak was the first of 4 Walsh Whiskies that we tasted, as part of the Whiskey Wire Tweet tasting. You can find links to follow both Walsh Whiskey and The Whiskey Wire at the bottom of these notes.

Appearance: A very inviting golden clarity. Lovely colour! #WalshWhiskey

Nose: Lovely with deep rich fruity notes, icing sugar and green apple. There’s some aromas of summer in there too, fresh cut grass and a touch floral Appearance: A very inviting golden clarity. Lovely colour! I’m also getting those foam teeth sweets onm the nose! There’s a lovely fruit freshness to this, light and summery for sure. It is quite zesty, zingy. There’s an ever so delicate touch of spice too, like a pinch of cinnamon sprinkled over a fruit crumble.

I’m getting some woody notes on the nose now that the glass is being emptied. I didn’t pick those up before

Palate: On the Palate the Double Oak has a lovely buttery mouthfeel, nice and oily. Floral notes and confectionary sugar are the first thing to appear. Followed by a touch of spice and dryness. Like a lovely forest fruit pie, fruity, sugars, the buttery pastry and a touch of spice. It’s a pudding in a glass this one. I’m not picking up as much spice as others seem to on the tasting, this is mostly sweet, buttery and fruity for me. There’s an ever so slight black pepper note, but it’s just a hum in the background, supporting.

Finish: The finish is a nice balance of the oaky notes, a touch of bitterness/dryness and the sugary element.

Overall: One for sitting in the garden with, when the finer weather arrives! It’s a very nice whiskey indeed, great start, high benchmark!

Featured image credit: Walsh Whiskey

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