Writers Tears Red Head 46% ABV

writers tears red head

Tasted as party of the @TweetTasting for @WalshWhiskey on twitter on 10/3/2021.

This exquisite, triple-distilled single malt is matured only in select handpicked Spanish sherry butts, which have previously been seasoned with the finest Oloroso sherry. It is the influence of these exceptional butts that give this expression of Writers’ Tears its signature rich, ruby hue and hence the moniker – ‘Red Head’. The expression is distilled without chill filtering as nature intended and at a distinctive 46% ABV

Walsh Whiskey


This whiskey is more chestnut in colour, again quite viscous and syrupy on the glass.


Wow, noses a lot higher than 46% abv, with red berries initially. Rich tea biscuits, wood varnish, old leather, dustiness, and cream soda sweetness follow, then dunnage, damp leaves, and wood shavings. The red berries, really persist, they make it a juicy whiskey, and then we’re into darker fruits, dates and figs, reminds me of Christmas and mince pies. A tea note, with cherry throat sweets finish off the palate. Revisiting this Whiskey it offers up sweet cocktail cherries, golden syrup and a menthol note.


Lovely mouthfeel, very syrupy, and initially fruit cocktail syrup from the can. Darker fruits are waiting to join in. The Christmas spices continue, with mince pies and Christmas pudding. I’d say blood orange and cranberries come next, and it’s getting spicier now. I’m adding guava to the list, its quite zesty too, perhaps a touch of grapefruit with dark chocolate again. On trying this a 2nd time it is definitely spicier, giving a warming feeling, dark chocolate orange runs throughout.


Spicy, dark fruits, cinnamon, dunnage, black pepper, figs, black cherries and slightly bitter ginger. The finish is quite long to be honest.

My thoughts

Another super Walsh Whisky. So much spicy punch. it is Christmas spices in a glass for me, and I’m really enjoying it.

Would i buy a bottle?

Yes i would, it’s a wonderful warming drop of Whiskey. I can’t detect any sulphur here, a massive plus for me to be honest. The range of aromas and flavours is impressive.

Note – Red Head is non chill filtered, there is no mention of natural colour.

Thanks to – @WalshWhiskey, @TheWhiskyWire and @TweetTastings.

Image credit – Walsh Whiskey.

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