Writers Tears Red Head 46% ABV

writers tears red head

Writers’ Tears – Red Head is the second expression in the Writers’ Tears range, first released in 2016 and joining Writers’ Tears – Copper Pot (a unique vatting of Single Malt and Single Pot Still whiskeys).
Writers’ Tears Red Head is an exquisite, triple-distilled single malt, matured only in select handpicked Spanish sherry butts which have previously been seasoned with the finest Oloroso sherry. It is the influence of these scarce butts that give this expression of Writers’ Tears its signature rich, ruby hue and hence the moniker – ‘Red Head’. The expression is distilled without chill filtering as nature intended and at a distinctive 46% ABV.”

– Walsh Whiskey

Appearance: Slightly darker in colour than the DO, more auburn.Lots of thin legs #walshwhiskey

Nose: Malt and barley, dark fruits and forest floor. The nose at least is like the darker, more stormy version of the DO. Traditional hotel lounge, with the big leather chairs and remnance of someone smoking a cigar. This is a nostalgic nose! There is a sharper fruitiness too, apple peel, maybe even sherbert DibDab? It’s another great nose, very inviting and friendly.

Palate: Tastes like a higher ABV, slight butteriness, cherry and a touch metallic. A tingle on the tongue and a tiny bit numbing. The palate, for me, is a melting pot of many different fruits, boiled down and mixed with sugar. Like a really deep and rich fruit pie.

Finish: Fruity and sugary, with a metallic and drying edge.

Overall: I prefer the Double Oak, but this is still a lovely drop!

Featured image credit: Walsh Whiskey

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