Yellow Spot 46% ABV

Quick tasting notes:
Nose: red apples & tropical fruits bomb! Brown sugar, slightly herbal and Bazooka bubble gum! Love the nose on this. Where the Green Spot is fresh and crisp green apples a day long, this is summer orchards full of sweet red apples.

Palate: Nice mouth feel, not as buttery as some, but coats the tongue nicely never the less. Of the three barrels this has been matured in, the Malaga casks show through on the palate first and foremost. Nice and sweet with a fruity overtone. The bourbon cask influence follows with a subtle sweet oakiness.

Finish: Lovely long sweet and syrupy finish. FIll of fruity goodness.

Overall: A classic. Along with the other ‘spots’ this is such a great whiskey and highly recommended

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