Yellowstone select Bourbon, 46.5% ABV.

yellow stone select

 A delicate fusion of flavours from seventh-generation distillers, this straight bourbon features a handpicked blend of 4- and 7-year-old bourbons, for an exclusive small-batch whiskey that honors its deep family origins.

Limestone Branch

Appearance – This Bourbon is mid Gold in colour, beads up on the swirl line, and has thin teardrop legs.

Nose – That’s different to any Bourbon I’ve nosed before, seared bananas, tropical fruits, toast, cherry throat sweets, menthol freshness, canned fruit cocktail syrup, flapjack, cereals, linseed oil putty, brown sugar, and stewed dark fruits, Ex-Sherry cask type notes.

Palate – It’s syrupy in the mouth, and initially it brings tropical and stoned fruit sweetness, vanilla custard slowly comes through, and then it starts to develop into a more spicy flavour. There’s black pepper and chilli’s, but it doesn’t rocket off into spicy oblivion, it gets to a medium heat and hangs there, it allows banana, oak, ginger, orange, and cinnamon to show through.

Finish – It’s quite long, with black peppercorns, ginger, hot cinnamon kids sweets, rye spice I’m guessing, and oak, the spiciness does increase here, and it warms the palate beautifully.

My thoughts – I’ve rather enjoyed this Bourbon, the banana notes were a first me and brought something new.

Would I buy a bottle? – Yes I probably would, it’s not the best Bourbon I’ve tried, and Bourbon isn’t my strongest area, but it’s capable enough in my opinion, and i enjoyed it.

Picture creditThe Whisky Exchange.

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