Yellowstone Select Bourbon 46.5% ABV

This straight bourbon features a handpicked blend of 4- and 7-year-old bourbons. From seventh-generation distillers Limestone Branch. This sample was kindly supplied by WhiskeyMe.

Appearance: Sunset amber/summer honey. A thin, lightly breaded, swirl mark quickly forms and soon morphs into a uniform series of teardrops and short thin trails. The semi-viscous film around the glass is quite sticky in appearance.

Nose: A decent, but not overwhelming ethanol ‘wave’. Caramel, toffee, honey, vanilla and some prominent but mellow baking spices appear first on the nose. Next, a fruity element starts to unwind in the glass, together with brown sugar and pastry. A touch of plasticine and a vegetal note are also present, but faint.

Palate: As with the nose, the alcohol is obvious, but not interfering with flavours in any way. A nice mouthfeel, not particularly oily but there’s a milky quality. Rye spice, custard and subtle toffee apple get the taste buds first, with a nice heat but also some sweetness too. Cherryade, black pepper, cinnamon and honey appear next, this is nicely multi-layered and interesting. Buttermint is also in the mix, towards the finish.

Finish: The toffee apple, cherryade and black pepper linger for a medium amount of time. A slight minty freshness is the final note before completely dissipating.

Overall: I’ve always been a bourbon fan. I started my whiskey journey with bourbon and American whiskey and then predominantly moved over to whisky. It’s nice to come back to bourbon and appreciate its differences and uniqueness and this is a good example at a fair price. Plenty to discover and full of very pleasant aromas and flavours. It’s also very ‘easy’ to drink!

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