Yellowstone Select Kentucky Straight Bourbon 46.5% ABV

yellowstone select

Stephen Beam, a master distiller in his seventh generation and a member of the illustrious Beam and Dant whiskey dynasties, created Yellowstone Select as a superb blend of flavours.
The whiskey, produced at the Limestone Branch Distillery in Lebanon, Kentucky, is a combination of 4 and 7-year-old Kentucky straight bourbons.

Appearance: Orange gold., Like diluted Lucozade. A semi-viscous film coats the glass with quick-forming medium legs and a teardrop-encrusted swirl mark.

Nose: Immediately and noticeably sweet, like a bourbon flavoured boiled sweet. Honey, vanilla, earthy orange and cinnamon. It’s a pleasant nose but possibly a little too on the confectionary sweet side, early on, for me. There’s also a spice element, although mild, of black pepper.
The earth notes grow as the glass matures, like to soul after it’s rained: minerals and wet warm stone.
There’s quite a bit going on here already, which is pleasing. The notes morph nicely as time passed and there’s more balance as a result.

Palate: A pleasing mouthfeel, nice and oily. As is often the case, the palate process spicier than the nose suggested with that black pepper hit. It’s not a spice bomb, just not as sweet as the nose. After the initial spice, there’s vanilla-rich cookie dough, Eclair sweets (soft toffee and chocolate), honey, cherry drops and cinnamon.
It’s shaping up to be a very easy drinker and I would very much enjoy this as a summer BBQ sipper.
There is a slight astringency lurking beneath the more primary flavours. It’s pretty well concealed, which is a good thing, but occasionally you get a touch of bitterness which is a tad (I stress that is very light) outputting.

Finish: Short to medium in length. The honey, vanilla and pepper-dusted cherry linger longest. It’s a nice mellow and sweet finish which definitely leaves you wanting to take another sip.

Overall: At £44 it’s not a bottom-shelf bourbon, of which there are lots, and many are actually very good, so it’s got its work cut out to justify the higher price point. I think that the layers of flavours help to distinguish it from some but there are others that are just as good, for less.
I would definitely recommend trying it as I can imagine that many will really like the sweet character and exploring the evolving palate. Date I say it, some will even love it as a mixer in an Old Fashioned or similar.

This sample was received free of charge from The Whisky Wire as part of the Yellowstone flash blog. This in no way influenced my opinion or notes.

Image credit: Dieline

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